Will the EU ever become a relevant geopolitical actor? | By Arturo Encinar, european volunteer at Meba

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 shook the global geopolitical order. Carnage was back on Europe’s doorstep as the Ukrainian people found itself thrust overnight into a war they did not ask for. This was not the first time that war had gotten this close to the European Union in recent years. It was not even the first time that Russia invaded Ukrainian sovereign territory in recent years. However, something about the EU felt different this time. Maybe because of the nature of the war, or maybe because of the fear that a possible expansion of the conflict generated. But European institutions reacted with a degree of sharpness, decisiveness and unity that was unseen to that date. They demonstrated that under the right circumstances, coordinating an adequate response and proving themselves useful could be possible. The threat of an aggression reminded officials and citizens of the relevance of the European project(…)