Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux and the revitalization of the industrial heritage | By Laura Pedreañez, European volunteer at MEBA

The Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux is the largest digital art center in the world. It hosts immersive digital exhibitions showcasing some of history’s greatest artists. Located in the city’s former submarine base, it offers visitors a chance to experience art in a completely new way. The Bordeaux submarine base, built during World War II by German occupiers, was an impressive complex designed to house U-boat submarines. Its construction required a large number of workers, mostly refugees from the Spanish Republic, and was completed in 1943. It was an important part of the German naval strategy for control of the Atlantic during the war but was ultimately abandoned in 1944 due to bombings by the American army. After that, it was used by some companies until 1999, when it opened to the public with its first cultural events program.