The MEBA is an association determined by the Law of July 1st 1901 and the Decree of August 16th 1901, according to which the MEBA statute regulates its own governance as well. The 4th article of the statute indicates all the terms and conditions in becoming a member of our association, whereas the 8th article is focused on the administrative council’s composition, as well as on its election modalities and prerogatives. Finally, the 9th article of the statute lists all the tasks of our Executive Bureau.

Administrative Council

The MEBA’s administrative council is composed by honorary members, members directly elected by the General Assembly and its two offices (that is to say physical and moral actors), and finally by observers.

The honorary members of the administrative council are the founders and all those members who support us economically:

  • The Municipality of Bordeaux, here represented by the associations’ spokeswoman Mme Anne Brezillon and by Mme Floence Forzy-Raffard, in charge of the European affairs office;
  • Bordeaux Métropole, reperesented by Mme Mylène Villanove and by Mme Anne-Marie Tournepiche, both community advisors;
  • The university of Bordeaux, represented by Mr. Pr. Sebastien Platon;
  • The Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.

The members elected by the General Assembly on November 23rd, 2015 are:

  • Mme Yana Langlois, Mr. Pascal Gallien, Mr. Philippe-Henri Ledru and Mr. François Adoue, here representing the physical actors;
  • Mme L. Faure (Franco-German Twinning Association), Mr. A Garvil (Gironde Romania Association), Mr. C-A Alvés (Research Center on European and International Law, University of Bordeaux) and the General Embassy of Portugal in Bordeaux, here representing the moral actors.

The Departmental Council holds an observational function and is represented by Mr. Jacques Respaud, the regional councillor in charge of the cooperation office.


According to the 9th article of our statute, the bureau is composed by a president, a treasurer and a secretary.

On December 11th, 2015, this bureau has been elected by the administrative council:

  • Mme Yana Langlois, president
  • Monsieur Pascal Gallien, treasurer
  • Monsieur Philippe-Henri Ledru, secretary

President of the association

Biography of Yana Langlois