Strategic partnership

Come Join Us! & Come 2 join

Come Join Us! & Come 2 join

Developing working tools and methods how to reach young people aged 13-22 in disadvantaged socio-economic areas.


The overall project idea is to develop methods and communication tools how to reach young people who the partner organisations normally don’t reach.

The project will focus on Non-formal learning methods and will meet the specific objectives to promote participation for young people, active citizenship and social inclusion and solidarity in a democratic life.

Expected results

When the project is to end we have increased the numbers of young people in the vulnerable social-economic areas that take part in our organizations activities, have better communication tools and a wide range of new methods in non-formal based education. Also an on-line guide with methods and working tools for youth workers and teachers is produced. This on-line guide will have open access for all.


The project will run four transnational partner meetings, one transnational training and four transnational mobility for youth workers. Also there will be local practical workshops. Evaluations and follow ups will be regularly held between each activity.

Apart from the practical workshops all partners will investigate and deliver specific tasks, so called Intellectual outputs :

  1. “Research, analysis and studies of the young people aged 13-22”
  2. “Website with on-line Guideline with methods and manuals for youth workers and teachers to use and a virtual collaboration”.

Finally, there will be five parallel Multiplier events in each partner country.

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