About Us


The Maison de l’Europe Bordeaux-Aquitaine (MEBA) was founded in 2009 by three regional collectives. From the very beginning, it was supported and financed by the city of Bordeaux, the Aquitaine region and the Urban Community of Bordeaux (now called Bordeaux Metropolis), thus proving the strength of all the local associations’ commitment to a common idea of Europe. It is important to mention that since February 14th, 2014 the General Council of the Gironde Department is a member of the MEBA’s administration council, acting as an observer.

The MEBA is located in the very heart of the city, on the docks of the Garonne, and it can be regarded as a European hotspot, a place where all citizens can meet to share their opinions and different points of view. Proposing a wide range of events which gather people of all ages and backgrounds, it has become, in a very short time, one of Bordeaux’s irreplaceable and most characteristic meeting points.

Our Mission

As stated in the 2nd article of its statute, the MEBA’s main objectives are:

  • to understand and fully discover the European framework;
  • to get to know all of Europe’s different cultures through special public meetings, exhibitions, debates and tasting local cuisine;
  • to enhance and promote each local initiative focused on Europe as well as all the projects proposed by the European Union;
  • to promote the European citizenship through mobility and international exchange programmes;
  • to create a link between the local economic world and European realities.