Ambassadors of european values and mobility 2018/2019 - Season 4

For the fourth year running, the European Commission, via its Civil Service / Erasmus+ Youth & Sport Agency, and the Prefecture has trusted us to continue our Ambassadors of European values project. What’s special this year is that, in conjunction with the CoReMob (Comité Régional de la Mobilité), the volunteers will also be “mobility ambassadors” and will be deployed not only throughout the Gironde, but also in the whole Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. We will also welcome new nationalities such as Finland and Greece. And we’ll be continuing our expansion into third countries such as Georgia and Serbia. Once again, they will be accompanied by French Civil Service volunteers. From the start of the new school year, everyone will be working hard to bring Europe into the classroom, into associations, leisure centres and the medias.

Let’s wish this new season of ambassadors for european values and mobility a good start!


Zoé, 20 years old

From Tours, France. Degree in history

Petra, 19 years old

From Finland. High school diploma.


From France. Degree in european studies.

Marianna, 20 years old

From Slovakia. High school diploma.


Italo-american. Degree in international law.

Victoire, 25 years old

From France. Degree in intercultural communication and translation.

Carla, 27 years old

From Portugal. Degree in journalism and communication.

Kim, 19 years old

From Germany. High school diploma.

Jorge, 24 years old

From Spain. Degree in marketing.


From France. Degree in sociology.

Manon, 23 years old

From France. Degree in tourism.

Giorgi, 22 years old.

From Georgia.

Marine, 24 years old

From France. Degree in tourism.


From Georgia. Degree in international relations.


From Romania.


From Serbia.


From France

Milan, 23 years old

From France. Degree in history and international relations

Vana, 30 years old

From Greece. Degree in international relations.

Laura, 23 years old

From Spain. Degree in psychology

Marie, 21 years old

From France. Degree in archaeology


From Germany.

Marie, 23 years old

From France. Degree in political sciences.

Maria, 22 years old

From Spain. Degree in interpreting and translation.