Our young ambassadors

The aim of our project

The project of the Young Ambassadors has born from an innovative idea formerly foreseen to create a positive spirit and accompany the European Football championship which took place in France in 2016. The services of the State, via the prefecture of the Gironde, have requested our association to exercise activities aimed at public reflection in order to carry out an ambitious intercultural project of mobility and promotion of the European values throughout the territory of Bordeaux and Gironde.

The original idea was to receive a heterogeneous group of young volunteers and provide them with a two-month-long formation, thanks to the intervention of different collaborators from the universities and other professionals. The aim was to deploy them in the aforementioned area in order to talk about Europe, multiculturalism, peace and respect, but also to animate the linguistic workshops, radio emissions and to intervene in big cultural or sportive events.

A high number of structures have taken and might take advantage of the present dispositive: territorial collectives, associations, cultural, scientific or sportive institutions or even the European consulates.

For a period of 12 months we have received a heterogeneous group of 60 youths, being composed of 30 Europeans from 7 different countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania) and 30 French youths carrying out their Civic Service. This project was the largest and longest project organized within the framework of the Euro 2016. Likewise, it was also the biggest project ever carried out by the MEBA since its foundation in 2009. The above would have not been possible without the active and constant support from the Bordeaux Metropolis and specially the UEFA 2016.

At the national level this project has been remarked by the Youth and Sport Ministry as an example for future similar programmes in France. This project has considerably transformed the activities of the MEBA turning it into a new version 2.0 thanks to our board of directors and variety of our local partners.

Reception of the young ambassadors

The project of the Young Ambassadors of the European values is strongly supported by the European Commission (Erasmus Agency + Jeunesse), the State (via the Civic Service platform), the Region (mobility support) and also by the Bordeaux Metropolis via TBM.

What are the fields of the interventions? They are numerous and non-limited. Our interventions can take place during after-school activities, in centres of leisure and entertainment, specialised centres (e.g. for disabled or retired persons), associations, universities, radio/television emissions, chronicles, cultural, sportive, economic or humanitarian events.

What is the nature of the interventions? Campaigns aimed at general awareness of the European Union and its institutions, linguistic and European culture workshops, educational games for children with focus on Europe, bilingual assistance at various events and support in all kind of locally organised events related to European topics.

Conditions: Availability of our volunteers is free of charge except for the transport fees (outside the Bordeaux Metropolis). Please note that adherence to the MEBA structures is required.