Ambassadors of european values 2016/2017 - Season 2

The context in France and throughout Europe (rise of the extreme parties, electoral abstention, etc.) makes it necessary to promote the foundations of the European Union and the mobilisation of young people. The young people on European Voluntary Service and civil service who are taking part in this project are setting up awareness-raising and educational initiatives to promote interculturality and peer learning. The idea is to give everyone a better knowledge and understanding of Europe and its institutions, particularly for those who are furthest from mainstream services.

14 European volunteers and 10 french volunteers on civil service will be hosted, giving local expression to a Europe that is multicultural, diverse, civic-minded and committed to the values of sharing and peace. Each civil service volunteer will be paired with an European volunteer to become ambassadors of european values, traditions and culture.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to get involved in a collective action while developing educational, technical and pedagogical skills. This project gives them the opportunity to co-construct unique responses to local problems, while benefiting from this contribution to their individual careers and developing as European citizens. Depending on where they work, the volunteers will adapt themselves to a particular context: a particular audience, environment, social difficulty, cultural or generational barriers….. and they will come up with activities that incorporate all these elements and at the same time reflect their own personalities.

Valentin, 25 years old

French, born in Abdis-Abeda, Ethiopia, baker.

Delphine, 24 years old

Belgian from Brussels, with a master degree in political sciences, with a focus on european studies.

Ioanna, 23 years old

From Komotini, Greece. Master in European Affairs in Bordeaux.

Rachel, 23 years old

Bachelor in cultural and communication sciences.

Enrique, 26 years old

From Spain, holds a bachelor in law.

Lucia, 26 years old

From Bratislava, Slovakia. Master in European studies.

Carmen, 19 years old

High school diploma.

Hedi, 20 years old

From Estonia, high school diploma.

Julie, 20 years old

French, born in Munich, commercial studies.

Arnau, 24 years old

French, bachelor degree in sport studies.

Jean-Alexandre, 21 years old

From Montpellier. Student in Sciences Po Bordeaux.

João, 23 years old

From Portugal. Master in international relations.

Lidia, 25 years old

From Italy, she holds a master in post colonial litterature.

Zuzika, 25 years old

Master in European studies.

Béa, 26 years old

Master in hungarian language and literature.

Lea, 21 years old

French, bachelor in languages and cultural mediation.

David, 19 years old

French, born in Bordeaux. Bachelor degree in litterature.

Lucie, 25 years old

From France, holds a master en psychology.

Andrès, 25 years old

From Spain. Bachelor in journalism.

Viola, 26 years old

From Italy, master in post colonial litterature.

Yara, 20 years old

High-school diploma.

Alex, 20 years old

High school diploma.

Alexandra, 24 years old

Master in sociology.